Roadshow Promotions
  • Our Promotional Bus, Trailer, Truck Clients
  • Sport England Club Leaders - Learning Bus
  • McVitie's - Exhibition Bus
  • Easyjet Fun Bus - Promotional Exhibition Bus Hire - Case Study
  • NHS Health Awareness Buses - Health Bus Hire
  • for Dummies 20th Anniversary Tour - Promotional HGV Truck Hire - Case Study
  • Morrison's Let's Grow Campaign Bus - Training Bus Hire - Case Study
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Hospitality & Product Awareness Campaign - Promotional Bus Hire - Case Study
  • Census 2011 Awareness Campaign - Promotional Bus Hire - Case Study
  • Pfizer Health Awareness - Mobile Clinic Bus Hire
  • Tomica Toys Product Lauch Tour - Exhibition Bus Hire
  • The Sun - Exhibition Bus Hire

Roadshow Promotions

We are a specialist promotional vehicle hire, branding and conversion company with wealth of experience in providing a variety of bus, trailer, HGV and other roadshow vehicle solutions for promotion, exhibition, training and health check purposes.

We make your bus, truck or trailer based road show work!!

View our site where you will find an introduction to what we can do for you.

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Promotional Bus Hire
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10 Years of Roadshow Promotions

We provide a complete range of vehicle based promotional, educational, exhibition, training, marketing services

Here you will find here an introduction to what we can do for you:

  • Promotional Bus Hire
  • Exhibition Bus Hire
  • Training Bus Hire
  • Health Check Bus Hire
  • HGV Promotional Truck Hire
  • HGV Exhibition Trailer Hire
  • HGV Hospitality Trailer Hire
  • Managed Vehicle Services
  • HGV Trailer Branding
  • HGV Truck Branding
  • Bus Branding
  • Bus Conversions
  • Truck Conversions
  • HGV Trailer Conversions

Recent Case Studies:

Morrisons Let's Grow
O.N.S. Census 2011
for Dummies Books
Morrisons Let's Grow Campaign Training Bus - Case Study Office of National Statistics 2011 Census Purple Exhibition Bus - Case Study for Dummies 20th Anniversary tour - HGV Exhibition Truck - Case Study
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Having reached over 90% of our target audience with the bus we are confident that with the increased brand awareness the campaign will be a major success

Dr Dheeraj Khiytani - Bristol-Myer Squibb